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Looking for a speaker who can elevate your panel, show, or corporate event to unparalleled heights? Look no further. We present to you the incredible Fabian Dawson, an icon in the world of journalism and international relations.

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Premier Speaker, Commentator, Corporate Connector

Dive into the world of journalism and one name stands out with multiple distinctions: Fabian Dawson.


With over four decades under his pen, and three decades of experience spanning continents, Dawson's journalism has informed, enlightened, and built bridges through his cultural narratives worldwide. His input resonates with the audience.


Why Fabian Dawson?

He is internationally acclaimed as an author, filmmaker, and media expert. Fabian's work has stormed global platforms, offering perspectives that explains and exposes from North America to Asia and Europe.

He is the 2019 recipient of the revered Bruce Hutchison Lifetime Achievement Award at the Jack Webster Awards, his contributions to journalism exemplify excellence. Further accolades from the Daniel Pearl Award, Rolls Royce Commonwealth Award, and Canada National Newspaper Awards cement his stature in the industry.

Fabian doesn't just write; he visualizes. His journalistic endeavors in India transformed into four compelling documentaries and a TV movie, proving his versatility and expansive reach.

Beyond journalism, he is a trusted Consultant & Strategic Advisor. International companies have sought his consultancy, a testament to his ability to navigate and connect in the complex corporate world.

He is also a Government's Go-To Media Observer: From India to the United States, governments have repeatedly called upon Dawson for his expertise on Asian-Canada issues, emphasizing his role as a trusted and informed advisor in international relations.

Invite Fabian Dawson to Your Panel or Show: With his vast experience and nuanced understanding of international affairs, Dawson is an asset to any discussion panel or TV show, his uncanny ability to connect with the audience is incomparable. His commentary is informed, incisive, and impactful, making every conversation richer and more enlightening.


The Corporate Connector: In the ever-changing landscape of global business, connections matter. Leverage Fabian's extensive network and consultancy expertise to build bridges, form partnerships, and navigate the international corporate landscape with ease and insight.


Bring Depth, Global Perspective, and Authenticity to Your Next Event.



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